How to

Glusearch is the APP dedicated to the search for venues and facilities that offer gluten-free options worldwide.

The APP is born and developed in close collaboration with Vivere Senza Glutine, an established portal that has been treating gluten-free themes for years and that is aimed primarily at people with celiac disease or intolerance to gluten.


The operation of Glusearch is very simple and intuitive. From the main screen, you can search for facilities by entering the city, province, county or, in more detail, the full address, where you want to find information about the presence of venues that offer gluten-free options.


A list of results will be shown just below an interactive map that will highlight the found facilities. The search can also be refined by adding filters, available by clicking on the icon .
The results will be shown in order of distance from the search point entered and, for each activity, there will be multiple information (name, address, telephone, services offered, website, email address, facebook page, coordinates, geolocation, directions, etc..), as well as photos that will show the inside or outside.


The APP will allow the inclusion of reviews and evaluations for each facility, so that customers can have an opportunity to express a personal opinion about their experience on the spot, or to understand what to expect from the venue, before going there for the first time.

Integrated VSG Card

Glusearch also integrates all the functions and advantages of our Vivere Senza Glutine Card.

With a simple click you can access to your card, thus taking advantage of the discounts provided in the facilities participating in our Circuit (always specially marked within our APP).

Advanced features

With the “Tools” button you can also access to a number of useful functions to make the most of Glusearch. These include in particular:
  • Facility search function near your current location
  • Search for venues by name or part of it
  • List of online shops and e-commerce
  • List of establishments that are part of the Vivere Senza Glutine Circuit
  • Reporting form for missing gluten-free facilities
  • Vivere Senza Glutine Card’s problems reporting form
If you need help you can contact us at our e-mail address.