PizzaRev – Monterrey Obrera


PizzaRev – Monterrey Obrera
Av Fundidora 600 - Obrera
Monterrey (NL) 64010


Kind of business:

     - Pizzeria


Celiac Friendly (security level):

Celiac Friendly
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PizzaRev – Monterrey Obrera is a facility located in Monterrey (NL) in Av Fundidora 600 - Obrera.


Gluten-free Pizzeria in Monterrey (NL)


On Glusearch you can find thousands of gluten-free pizzerias. In Monterrey (NL) we point out, among the others, also PizzaRev – Monterrey Obrera that you can call at this phone number: +528121271895.



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