VSG Card Regulations

The Vivere Senza Glutine Card is a digital card that you can always have at hand, inside your mobile phone. With our card you can take advantage of discounts in hundreds of facilities throughout Italy.

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However, our project is much broader. We are increasing the number of activities registered in our Circuit by contacting companies, venues, structures and e-commerce that will become part of it and soon we expect to be able to cover the whole of the national territory, to then expand into most of Europe!

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The cost of our VSG Card is very low and it will be paid for itself from the first purchases you’ll make in the facilities participating in our Vivere Senza Glutine Circuit.
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Saving in one year

Recent market research has highlighted what are the main “expectations” on the part of our users and the most common question was, without a doubt, the following: How much can you save in a year with the Vivere Senza Glutine card?
Give a definite answer to this question certainly isn’t easy, but a few small examples will help you better understand the advantages that you could gain by subscribing to it:
  • From the very first purchases you will repay the cost of the card, obtaining a tangible and immediate saving.
  • If you decide to spend a holiday in a hotel, b&b or farmhouse in the VSG circuit, every 10 nights one will be completely free.
  • Are you used to having breakfast out? Even if you do only one breakfast per week, in a venue of the VSG circuit, you will be guaranteed at least 5 free breakfasts in a year.
  • Eating in restaurants of our circuit (in your city, but also while traveling or on holiday), at least once a month, will allow you to have, in practice, a free dinner or lunch.

Cost, expiry and renewal

How much does the VSG Card cost?
Only € 1/month
You’ll pay only for from now to December!
This way you will be able to recive, until 31/12, a lot of discounts in all the facilities participating in the Vivere Senza Glutine Circuit.

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This is a symbolic amount that represents a reimbursement of expenses for us, but, for you, it could result in annual savings of hundreds of euros.
Our card has a fixed expiry date of 31/12, so any time it is signed, the expiry date will always coincide with the end of the year. From 1 January it can be renewed online, at a discounted price!

How to register

Membership follows a rather simple automatic online procedure. Once you have clicked on the link for the subscription…

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you can register your data online. You will be asked only:
  • Choice of your personal account (example: Sam1984)
  • Indication of your best e-mail (example: sam@example.it)
  • Choice of access password (must be entered twice)
  • Enter your first and last name (those of the card holder)
Clicking on the “Send” button you will first be asked to login to your account with the data you have just entered and, immediately afterwards, you can choose to pay for your card, valid for the current year, by Credit Card, or PayPal.
The procedure will be concluded by showing you immediately your card (usable immediately in the points of sale of the VSG Circuit).

How the VSG Card works

To get discounts in venues, activities and facilities participating in the Vivere Senza Glutine Circuit, simply use your mobile phone (or any other device that has an active internet connection), connect to Vivere Senza Glutine or use our Glusearch APP and click on the link, or button, “Card“.
This will be shown in the foreground and you just have to show it to the manager of the structure, before applying for the bill, to get the discount reserved for you.
Note 1: As the card is personal and non-transferable, you may be required to provide identification in each facility.
Note 2: In some facilities may not be present, due to connectivity problems, access to the Internet, our advice is to open our website, or our APP Glusearch, on the page dedicated to your card, before entering the place, so that you already have it available at the time of payment.

How to get discounts

If you make your purchases online (but also in case of online booking in facilities such as hotels, b & b, farmhouses, etc.) and the activity of reference is part of the Vivere Senza Glutine Circuit, to get the discount reserved for VSG members just enter the “Online discount code” associated with your card.
Pay attention: the “Online discount code” is NOT the number of the card, but a specific code placed on it, at the top right (magnified by clicking on the lens that you will find just below the card itself).
The insertion of the “Online discount code” must take place during the check out of your order. In the event that the e-commerce doesn’t use an automatic field for promotions or discounts, you can enter your code directly in the notes field, reminding the merchant that you will be waiting to be recognized the percentage discount associated with your card for your online purchases.

VSG Circuit facilities

  • Page with the list of retail facilities (shops, restaurants, pizzerias, hotels, bakeries, pastry shops, etc.)
  • Page with the list of online stores (online shops, e-commerce, etc.)
Each facility offers different types of discounts, which you will find well specified, in the pages mentioned above, under “Conditions”.

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The list of facilities participating in our circuit is constantly increasing: new ones are constantly added and are regularly reported, both through our newsletter, and through our dedicated pages (website, Facebook and Glusearch).

Propose new membership

Do you have a favorite local or shop that offers gluten-free products and would like that it to join our Circuit, so you can get discounts on your purchases?
Suggest to the owner to become part of the Vivere Senza Glutine Circuit and also him can benefit from it: let him get in touch with our staff by simply informing them and letting them know our email address, or by printing and delivering our brochure:


Problems encountered

Did you have any problem in a facility adhering to our Circuit?
Let us know by filling out our online complaint form and we will contact the affiliate immediately to understand what happened and how to solve the problem.
Problems with a circuit structure?
In the section reserved for these types of complaints will be considered only issues closely related to the VSG Card, we will not be responsible for other problems or inefficiencies related to the structures participating in our circuit.

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