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Facilities in our Circuit may require your ID.

Function and details

Your VSG Card will be valid until December 31 of this year and can be used in all restaurants, pizzerias, ice cream parlors, shops, hotels and e-commerce that are part of our Circuit. Here you can see our stores locator:


The use of our card is very simple. When you make a purchase in a shop, stay in a hotel, dine in a restaurant and so on, check that it has an agreement with our VSG Card and, before your payment, show your digital card directly from your mobile phone. This will give you an immediate discount.

For your online purchases, however, you must use (at check out) the code associated with your card. Please note: this is the “online purchase code” located on the card (top right) and not the card number. Below you can find a summary of all your data:

Card number: A504712500[swpm_show_member_info column=”member_id”]
Username: [swpm_show_member_info column=”user_name”]
Name: [swpm_show_member_info column=”first_name”] [swpm_show_member_info column=”last_name”]
Online purchase code: VSG211822
Expiry date: 31/12/2019

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